Makeup AS Performance Art!!

Lady Starlight has been wanting me to do a performance piece like this; casually applying makeup in front of an audience (for an uncomfortably long time) at one of her parties FOREVER and it just never happened. Well, I have now discovered that my idol, fucking Madonna has beaten me to the punch! This was shot by fashion photographer Steven Klein for use during her performance of Vogue, as a video backdrop on her 2004 Re-Invention World Tour! It's kinda the best thing I've ever seen!!

Lil' Blonde Darling: RuPaul!

Blonde Beauty Icon RuPaul

So I was recently called out for not featuring any "Darlings of Color" on my blog and I felt pretty yucky about it! The most inspirational blonde ebony enchantress for me is drag legend RuPaul! Born in San Diego, RuPaul made a name for herself in the Atlanta drag scene during the 80's. She originally worked a Rocky Horror-esque/Genderfuck look before transitioning to full glaMOUR. When she moved to NYC and started working it in the early 90's Club Kid scene, her career really blew up! She slapped adversity in the face when her debut album, the very gay, house infused Supermodel of the World was released in 1993 (during the height of grunge and hardcore gansta' rap)...and it was a hit! Inspired by the early 90's obsession with supermodels, the lead single Supermodel (You Better Work) reached #2 on the Billboard charts and the video received heavy rotation on MTV. She broke even more ground when she was revealed as the 1st spokesperson for MAC Cosmetics and the Viva Glam/MAC AIDS Fund campaign. Yes, a black man in drag was now a spokesperson for a major cosmetics company!

I've had an affinity towards RuPaul since I was 13, as she was the only drag queen I saw in  mainstream media I could relate to.  She always seemed approachable, preached a loving and positive message and was by far the most glamorous! Her classic beauty and "realness" transfixed me and when she released her autobiography Lettin' It All Hang Out in 1995 I simply HAD to read it. The first chapter was all about her beauty routine and was where I first discovered MAC Cosmetics. She was so beautiful and glamorous and the idea of a drag queen as a cosmetics spokesperson was so cutting edge, I simply had to use it too! I ended up working for MAC for 8 years and I guess I have RuPaul to thank/blame! Ha!

Just a casual up-do!

Screen Siren!


"If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?-RuPaul

I have a feeling Sam Fine was involved!

Drag Tulip!


"Look at me--a big old black man under all of this makeup, and if I can look beautiful, so can you."-RuPaul 

 I drove my Dad crazy with this album....but I think he secretly loved it!

Sashay! Shante'!

Bump it!

"We all came into this world naked. The rest is all drag." -RuPaul



The Eyes have it!

"I've dedicated my career to fighting the mundane. My hope is that my career will be a shining example to children everywhere that life is more meaningful when you are not afraid to see all colors of the rainbow."-RuPaul



You Betta Werk, bitch!

Japanese Flower Tattoo

Japanese Flower TattooJapanese Flower Tattoo

Japanese style Tattoo Pictures

Japanese style Tattoo PicturesJapanese style Tattoo Pictures

Black Tattoo Art

Black Tattoo Art - Modern Expressions Of The Tribal
Black Tattoo Art - Modern Expressions Of The Tribal
Black Tattoo Art - Modern Expressions Of The TribalBlack Tattoo Art

Just Browsing: Bleached Eye Brows!

There is nothing I love more than a bleached brow!! It's really a beauty oxymoron; dramatic and yet soft. Bleached brows were a popular trend in the 70's, made a comeback in the 90's and have been popping up in fashion editorials and on runways ever since.  It's the perfect choice if you're bored with your look and need a glaMOUR jumpstart. It works if you're tan! It works if you're pale! Plus it helps keep balance when you wear dark eyeshadow and lipstick. I also enjoy the slightly alien, mannequin vibe it gives. Do it now and behold the new you! Gorgey!!!

Nadja Auermann


Donna Jordan

Laura Stone

Jessica Stam

 Phillipe Blond

Gwen Stefani

Darian Darling

Jolen Cream Bleach hair lightener

My favorite facial bleach! Readily available and super easy to use! Start with a clean, dry face.  Using the icluded spatula, measure about one-quarter teaspoon powder and place on tray.  Measure about one-half teaspoon creme.  Blend powder and creme well.  Apply mixture with spatula covering hair completely.  Keep mixture on for about ten minutes, checking throughout until your desired lightness is achieved.  Remove with spatula and wash your face to remove bleach residue. Be carefull not to leave the bleach on TOO long, your brows might break off. That's a whole different look!

Buy it at

Scroll Tattoo Pictures

Scroll Tattoo Pictures
Scroll Tattoo Pictures

full body tattoo designs

full body tattoo designsfull body tattoo designs
full body tattoo designsfull body tattoo designs

Gallery Custom Tattoo Design

Gallery Custom Tattoo DesignNowadays, it seems that any matter is open for discussion in the world. While I was collecting facts for this article, I was astonished to find some of the topics I thought were resolved are still openly discussed.

Custom Tattoo

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the subject of custom tattoo design is no exclusion. Continue to read to receive fresher news about custom tattoo design.

Tattoos had a amazing history on western culture for better three centuries parts. A raising popularity to custom tattoo designs has demonstrated by celebrities, athletes, and the historical figures have affected the world of body art to unusual numbers. Custom tattoos retrieve popularity in plenty of areas of the world and in the United States , Japan , and Europe . Plenty of designs of tattoo include the tribal, butterfly, Chinese characters, flowers, dragons, planets, stars, lower back and armband tattoos. The broad variety of custom tattoos available today has raising the popularity and created a new whole type of work of Art. The infusion of tattoo designs has affected a new industry of artist, plenty of have fine art and technical training.

The original root word tattoo is generally believed to come from the Tongan or the Tahitian word tatau, meaning to mark or strike once. The strike once refers to apply the design traditional process. Some tribal cultures cut a design in to the skin to generate tattoos and use ink, ashes or the other means to rub the wound. There is a sure stunning history behind the evolution of tattoos design and art, from early nautical tattoos and modern tribal styles and in between.

Tattoo designs have brought on a sure negative association for women labelled as “tramp stamp” and other remarks disparaging remarks and slang expressions, occasionally referring to define tattoo designs on a women low back. The popularity of the women in the industry of tattoo itself and most of women with tattoos has slightly changed their perception. Also tattoos became a mainstream culture on last couples of the decades has made large steps to dissipate these stereotyped and negative comments.

There's a broad variety of galleries online, free and paid sites which offer a broad choice of tattoos to select from. Whether you need a fashionable henna tattoos or transient decal the various categories will offer you a nice idea precisely what you need before you come to a tattoo parlor. The majority of the online stores or the sites you can download the picture. All what is left to know is deciding the placement of the design and how large the size is.

Receive your first tattooing can be an important decision; you ought to seek this and ensure that this is suitable for you. Also tattoos can be high cost according to the detail and the special design. After all, it is something which will belong to you for the remainder of your life, unless you obtained it remove later on which is also high cost. With the thousands of designs, of tribal, characters, animals, and other images I ensure that you will be able to select something which you will like.

Hopefully the sections above help you to understand of custom tattoo design. Share your new knowledge of custom tattoo design with others. They will be grateful to you for it.

Lil' Blonde Darling: Donna Jordan!

Blonde Beauty Icon Donna Jordan

I hope this post will make everyone go bleach their eyebrows! 70's fashion model and Warhol Superstar Donna Jordan worked that look like nobody's business! She was in YSL's clique in Paris, a muse to Karl Lagerfeld and fashion illustrater Antonio Lopez,  and was a firm believer in 40's inspired shoulder pads, red lipstick, and glaMOUR! Also, like any Warhol Superstar...she was also an "actress"! She starred in Andy Warhol's L'Amour as an American gold digger in Paris (along with her gal-pal and cohort Jane Forth).  Love her!!


 Never close your mouths in photos's that easy access mouth men like!


70's Jean

Disco Marilyn

After a long night at the disco...


Why not wear a sequined bathing suit?

Shwerk! Work! Yes!

Workin' the street corner!

Oh, the glaMOUR!

 with Andy Warhol and Jane Forth