Lil' Blonde Darling: Elizabeth Montgomery!

Blonde Beauty Icon Elizabeth Montgomery

To celebrate tonight's Halloween festivities, I bring you my vote for most glamorous blonde witch...Elizabeth Montgomery! Starring in the long running and much beloved sitcom Bewitched (1964-1972), she played Samantha, a witch who tries to behave as a normal suburban housewife after marrying a square mortal. With a gaggle of magically meddling family members and nosey neighbors, situation comedy and zany hi-jinks ensues. I loved this show as a kid and it's a wonderful time capsule of a lighthearted and less cynical era. I'm twitching my nose as we speak......

Good Witch!

Glam gams!

The prrrrfect cat eye!

Naughty negligee!

Fluff it!!


Magical beauty bar!

Show it, girl!

Black leotards and pantyhose....a classic look!

Move over Glinda!

Vogue Magic!

Not your average housewife!

Fosse! Fosse! Fosse!

Bleachjobs and Broomsticks!

No need for witchcraft when there is Clairol!

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Lil' Blonde Darling: Traci Lords!

Blonde Beauty Icon Traci Lords

Very few porn stars who have ambitions of obtaining a real acting career actually succeed.....but Traci Lords did! Her beauty is undeniable and with her babyface and pouty lips, looks as though a blow up doll was magically brought to life. She got her start in 1983 as a nude model for Penthouse at the illegal age of 15, with the help of a fake ID supplied by her mothers ex-boyfriend! She began appearing in adult films soon afterwards and by the time she turned 18, she had over 100 films under her garter belt. The ensuing drama that occured after authorities discovered her true age brought on the onslaught of a federal child pornography lawsuit against her agency and video distributor. She was never charged with a crime, since as a minor she was unable to give informed consent to perform sex acts on film for money. Lucky girl. Traci went on to act on TV and in film, including John Waters' cult hit Cry Baby. She released an exercise video 1993 and even a dance album in 1995, which featured the US and UK #1 hit single Control. Quite the savvy blonde, no?


Aqua Net? Dep? BOTH!

Pretty Woman!

Barely legal!

Dirty Martini!


Techno Tramp!

There is a lot of pleather and vinyl happening in this video! Oh 1995!

This hair inspired my look in 2007!

Get into the cut of this swimsuit!!

Hey Baby!

Heavy Metal

Drunk bangs!


This is AMAZING!!!!! Trust me!

2010 Victory Vision Tour Photos

A touring bike that always gets people attention as it passes. The most progressive luxury-touring bike on the open road, the 2010 Victory Vision Tour Motorcycle has a full complement of creature comforts: plush 2-up touring seats, optional heated seats & grips, MP3-compatible stereo, 29 gallons of storage, a wind-blocking fairing & more. All powered by a mighty Freedom V-Twin Engine.2010 Victory

2010 Victory Cross Roads Two-Wheels

2010 Victory Cross Roads Motorcycle, with the most horsepower and cargo capacity in its class, has the power to take you farther and the storage to let you stay awhile. Its 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin Engine and 21 gallons of cargo capacity matched with its distinctive cruiser styling, comfortable seating, a wind-blocking windshield - give the rider an appetite for the open road.2010 Victory

Lil' Blonde Darling: She-Ra!

Blonde Beauty Icon She-Ra: Princess of Power

The fate of the world is in the hands of one beautiful girl...She-Ra: Princess of Power! Created by Mattel Toys in 1985 as a girls version of the super-successful He-Man action figures, this gorgeous blonde warrior heroine was one of my childhood idols. Every kid who grew up in the 80's either played with the toys, watched the cartoon or most likely both. She-Ra is the superpowered alter ego of Princess Adora, the long lost twin sister of He-Man/Prince Adam. Although she first appeared as an enemy agent of the Evil Horde that rules the planet Etheria,  she soon discoveres her true heritage and is granted the mystical Sword of Protection.  After using it's magic to transform, She-Ra possesses superhuman strength, speed and agility, a healing touch, and the ability to telepathically communicate with animals (as well as a sassy wit and longer, more brushable hair). Strong, brave and compassionate, She-Ra can accomplish any heroic feat and manages to always save the day, all while wearing gold,  4" stiletto boots and a mini! She cannot fly however, so she is instead aided by her trusty horse Spirit who transforms into the talking, winged unicorn Swift Wind. She-Ra spawned over 90 episodes and stayed in production until 1987, then vanished from the airwaves and toy shelves! Girls growing up in the 90's got the shaft!

I spent countless hours on the playground with my kindergarten friends, acting out dramatic She-Ra inspired action sequences. I can safely say she was my first blonde icon. Watching her as an impressionable youngster showed me that unlike helpless (though still fabulous) Disney princesses, you can be glamorous blonde royalty AND kick massive quantities of ass!

A girl with a sword is almost as exciting as a girl with a gun!

Every girl wants a pink unicorn for a pet. I know I do!

 This was my Vogue when I was 6!

The opening credits still give me chills!

Pegasus was very trendy in the 80's.

She-Ra's homebase was The Crystal Castle, hidden by mystical clouds and perched on a mountain top....and it matched her crown! Perf!

Why do all the men on the show look like they should be in 80's gay porn?

Swift Wind should have left a trail of fairydust behind him in the cartoon. I mean REALLY!

Ok...seriously! How gay does He-Man look? Way too tan, with a blonde bob and a fur MANkini?! Really?

I want to kick ass in heels, dammit!!! Must learn to kickbox in stilettos!

The most powerful woman in the universe!

 The toy version of She-Ra was much more girlie, frilly and glittery!
Sexist? Maybe. More fabulous? Hell yes!

Magic pink shine everywhere....Barbie's Dream House has nothing on this!

 Superheros wear masks, don't they?

There was even a live action She-Ra stage show!

Albeit ONLY at Universal Studios Theme Parks.

Oh, and let's not forget She-Ra On Ice!

2010 Kawasaki ER-6n Motorcycle Pictures

Some bikers like a fully faired sports bike, while some don’t. But almost all bikers agree Kawasaki Ninja 650R is a great, fun-to-ride middleweight motorcycle. The 2010 Kawasaki ER-6n simply leaves a little more of that torquey, rev-happy 650 twin’s innovative inner beauty out where you can see it, revealing this soulful machine’s mechanical purity of purpose.2010 Kawasaki ER-6n2010 Kawasaki ER-

2010 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle Pictures

2010 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle Picture2010 Triumph Bonneville Bike2010 Triumph Bonneville Bike2010 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle

The Secrets of Marilyn Monroe's Blonde Hair!

Vintage Marilyn Monroe hair shampoo ad

Even though we always think of her with platinum blonde curls, Marilyn Monroe changed the shade of her hair several times during her career. She first hit the bottle at Hollywood's Frank and Joseph Salon in 1946, where her hair was bleached to a golden blonde and chemically straightened. She also underwent electrolysis around her hairline to remove her widow's peak. Marilyn grew up idolizing 30's film star Jean Harlow, which fueled her desire for perfect, platinum blonde hair. She was also fond of bleaching her pubic hair, as she "liked to feel blonde all over". By the time of her death in 1962, her hair was completely stripped of pigment to a shade she fondly referred to as "pillow case white".

                                                               Golden Blonde                                                                                           Ash Blonde

                                                           Champagne Blonde                                                                              Honey Blonde
                                                             Bleached Blonde                                                                              Strawberry Blonde

                                                            Platinum Blonde                                                                                         White Blonde

Gladys Rasmussen styling Marilyn Monroe's blonde hair

"There are several problems with doing Marilyn's hair; it's very fine and therefore hard to manage. It gets oily if it isn't shampooed every day and her hair is naturally so curly that to build a coiffure for her I have to first give her a straight permanent. The way we got her shade of platinum is with my own secret blend of Sparkling Silver bleach plus 20 volume peroxide and a secret formula of silver platinum rinse to take the yellow out" - Gladys Rasmussen, Marilyn's long time hairdresser

Gladys Rasmussen styling Marilyn Monroe's blonde hair

Given the 1-2 double process punch of both bleaching and straightening, it's no wonder that her hair quickly morphed from long waves to the short, iconic style we remember today. Modern hair stylists wouldn't dare consider this double whammy. It's a common law that you either do one or the other; NEVER both! Given the limited effectiveness of vintage conditioners, I can only imagine what her hair must have felt like. Thankfully for us, hair care technology has come a long way since the 50's and 60's. Advanced deep conditioners are just another crucial weapon in a blonde's beauty arsenal.

 Marilyn Hair Treatment & Moisturizer by LUSH

This delectable, moisturizing hair treatment will soften and brighten your blonde. Featuring chamomile, lemon and saffron extracts, these ingredients help refresh and brighten blonde hair. Linseed mucilage results in softer tresses and fresh, organic lemon juice adds a ton of shine. Drench your hair with product and leave in as long as possible. I like to don a self heating shower cap and sleep in it for optimum results! Gorge!

Buy it at LUSH

Marilyn Monroe doing her hair
Get it right, girl!