Lil' Blonde Darling: Cyrinda Foxe!

Blonde Beauty Icon Cyrinda Foxe

Oh, how I love a fashionable groupie/rock star wife! One of my favorites is Cyrinda Foxe! This stunning blonde beauty grew up an army brat named Katheleen Hetzekian, but dreams of fame and fortune brought her to NYC in the early 70's. After a glamed up name change, she began hanging out in the arty downtown scene, frequenting hot spots like Max's Kansas City and partying with Andy Warhol and his Factory Superstars. While working as a publicist, Cyrinda "made the acquaintance" of several rock stars of the era like David Bowie, with who she began an affair and later appeared in the Mick Rock directed music video for 1972's The Jean Genie. In 1977 she married New York Dolls frontman David Johansen (only for a tumultuous, drug hazed year) and tried her hand at acting (as any good Warhol Superstar did) in Andy Warhol's BAD. She ditched Johansen in 1978, marring Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler which lasted for 9 years (Seeing as how the New York Dolls and Aerosmith shared the same management, it was quite convenient). Like any ex-rock star wife...there was a tell-all book published in 1997, Dream On: Livin' on the Edge with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. Ooops. Get into her glitter rock glaMOUR!


with David Bowie (as Aladdin Sane) in 1972's The Jean Genie.

Glitter Rock Marilyn

Just a soft crease

with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. (get into the shades/tousled curls combo)



in bed with David Johansen

Union Jacked


Having a kiki with Angie Bowie

Street Dreams



Obviously she's REALLY feeling it!

2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

(from Subaru Press Release)

Subaru Introduces the 2011 Impreza WRX STI and WRX

- Further Evolved Driving Performance with the Concept “The Fastest WRX STI Ever”
- New WRX STI 4-Door with Wide-Body Design
Read more »

2011 Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R

-- Body Convertible - coupè/roadster Carbon Kevlar
-- Length cm. - 419
-- Width cm. - 190 front axle & cm 198 rear axle
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NYC Nights: Amanda Lepore's BIG TOP Finale!

Sooner or later everything in NYC comes to an end....especially in nightlife. Restaurants come and go, nightclubs open and close, parties get cancelled. On Thanksgiving Eve one of my favorites did just that: Amanda Lepore's decadent circus themed Big Top at Carnival breathed it's last cotton candy scented breath. During it's 7 month run, Big Top won Best Gay Night at PAPER Magazine's 2010 Nightlife Awards and Best Bar/Club Party at the 2010 Glammy Awards. It's seXXXed up carnival atmosphere complete with circus freaks, burlesque dancers and nearly naked go-go boys made this the most exciting thing to do on a Wednesday night. So imagine my delight when Amanda asked me to be a Special Guest Host for the grand finale! What a night it was! Everyone who's anyone came out to show face and celebrate. Not only did techno-colored scenester Raquel Reed debut her new music video but there also a fashion show by the amazing Julia Clancey, featuring ME as one of the runway models! Big Top definitely went out with a big bang. After the festivities ended me, Amanda, Kenny Kenny and crew headed over to Coffee Shop for a celebratory Thanksgiving "Deakfast" and kiki session (for new readers to my blog that is the elusive meal somewhere between dinner and breakfast). What will I do with myself on Wednesday night now?

photo by Veronica iBarra

Sashay! Shante! 
photo by Veronica iBarra

 Kenny Kenny workin' it!
photo by tmronin

Work the runway, sweetie!
photo by Barbara Doux

photo by tmronin

Niki Manray, Amanda Lepore and Hunter Woodlawn

photo by Barbara Doux

Jordan Fox and Veruca La’Piranha 
photo by Marco Ovando

Niki Manray and Darian Darling
photo by Veronica iBarra

 Paisley Dalton
photo by tmronin

photo by Veronica iBarra

Cazwell and Darian Darling
photo by Marco Ovando

Anna Evans and Kayvon Zand
photo by tmronin

 photo by tmronin

 Amanda Lepore and Joey Israel with a few bearded ladies!
photo by Andrew Werner

Tre Knight
photo by Veronica iBarra

Darian Darling
photo by Marco Ovando

Raquel Reed
photo by tmronin

photo by Veronica iBarra

  Zelda Kaplan
photo by Barbara Doux

Miss Tickle
photo by Marco Ovando

Darian Darling, Hunter Woodlawn, Niki Manray and Markus

Raquel Reed and Cazwell
photo by Marco Ovando

Veronica iBarra and Darian Darling

Kenny Kenny
photo by Gerry Visco

 Darian Darling and Raquel Reed
photo by Andrew Werner

Charley Brown and Malik So Chic
photo by Paul Alexander

Mark Shepard and Darian Darling
photo by Veronica iBarra

A goodbye kiss from Mandy!
photo by Marco Ovando

Off to Thanksgiving "Deakfast"
photo by Barbara Doux

A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork! That's the way we spell NEW YORK!

2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG

(from AMG Press Release) 

AMG V8 biturbo engine consuming 9.9 litres per 100 km: CLS 63 AMG – the benchmark in design, performance and efficiencyRead more »