The Official Darian Darling Paper Doll Book *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Paper dolls were first made popular in mid-18th century France. Called pantins (dancing puppet), these jointed dolls were hand drawn and came with paper fashions. By 1820, they were imported to America as inexpensive children's toys and became the cut out variety we know today. They have remained popular with children and collectors alike by usually featuring popular characters or celebrities and their glamorous wardrobes. I have been fascinated by the beauty of these dolls since I was a child and have collected them for many years. Spending countless hours flipping through their pages and admiring the beautifully rendered outfits, they can most surely be called the catalyst for my love and appreciation of fashion illustration.

My illustrator Hayley Heartbreak has really outdone herself on this project! This 16 page printable book features a paper doll version of me (and all my actual outfits and hairstyles) but also some of my glamour tips AND my most delicious Darling Delight recipes! Download me, cut me out, dress me up and play with me dirty!

Best printed on A3 size paper