Painting the town PINK with Amanda Lepore!

So last night was a blonde evening to remember! Amanda Lepore was being filmed again by the German TV crew for the piece they're doing on her....and I of course tagged along to add more glamour! I picked her up in a town car in the East Village, where she was filming at her designer friend, Garo Sparo's studio. I saw a one piece, cowl necked fuchsia lame` catsuit with my name written all over it!! From there we high tailed it over to Hiro, where Amanda hosts every Sunday night. Veuve bottle service all around, sweetie! GLAMOUR! Afterward we went for Deakfast at Gramercy Dinner....I LOVE 24 hour breakfast nibbles!!

Darian Darling and Amanda Lepore at Hiro, Chelsea NYC
We drink champagne in the morning.......

Amanda Lepore and Darian Darling interviewed by German TV TAFF at Hiro in Chelsea NYC 
That microphone is! 

RESERVED, bitches!

Your disco needs you!

Painted pink nipples! Just use your lipstick....

Champs sweetie darling!

Darian Darling and Amanda Lepore at Hiro, Chelsea NYC
Glamour Girls!

A still from the show. TIP: Never close your mouth in photos, ladies. It's an easy access mouth men like.