Tattoo artist

Tattoo artistSo you have decided that you want to put your tattooing talents to good use, and want to know where to get the right tattoo kits. Whether you are an experienced artist or just beginning to put ink on skin, there are some things that any tattoo kit must have in order to be the best you can be. Without the right kit, you are not going to have much work, no matter how talented you might be.

All tattoo kits are not the same, and there are some basic items that are a must for any kit. The first place to start is with the most important part of a tattoo artist's arsenal, the tattoo gun, and power supply. Without these, you might as well forget about putting your talents to good use. A tattoo kit will include a good power supply, one with adjustable settings. You need a good tattoo gun, one that fits comfortably in your hand, so you do not get cramped up in the middle of a long project. Then you are going to need more than one gun, preferably at least three. This way, you do not have to stop what you are doing to change tips and needles, and can switch between project details quickly and easily.

The next basic things that tattoo kits need are tips and needles. There has to not only be a variety of different sizes, but a decent quantity of each size and type as well. You need to be able to do at least five to ten different jobs before having to worry about buying more. The next things you need to have for a proper kit are inks. You need a wide variety of ink colors, large quantities of each of these colors, and even twice the amount of common colors like border black, red, yellow, blue, and even green. There has to be enough so that you can complete a full job before running out of any color, or somebody is not going to be a happy camper.

There are also other things that good tattoo kits should include. There should be practice materials, so you can get used to the tattoo guns before you start working on real skin. There needs to be instructions for not only using the equipment, but for beginners there need to be some kind of course manual to help you out with helpful hints and tips to be the best tattoo artist you can be. These kits should also have a wholesale supply list for ordering your tips, needles, and colors whenever you start running out.

The next thing about finding the right tattoo kits is price. Sure you want the ultimate kit that kicks butt no matter where you are doing your art, but you also need to find a kit that fits in your budget. You want to find a kit dealer that is well established and trusted in the industry. You do not want a company that is here today and gone tomorrow. While you will see many websites.

Tattoo artist