Skull Tattoo Designs

What Do They Mean and Why You Should Get One

When someone chooses a tattoo to look and feel tough, it is common for them to pick an image of a skull especially since there are a variety of different skull tattoo designs. On first thought, people usually associate skulls with death or fearlessness. People usually envision darkness around skulls, but that is not always the case. Depending on the designs, the image of the skull can actually be drawn in a way that it looks cartoonish or even cute. It is interesting to see how a skull can start off at the most negative spectrum and extend all the way to the delightful and magical spectrum based solely on color and the different skull tattoo designs. But nonetheless, the meaning still remains the same regardless of the image chosen.

In Christian art and culture, skulls symbolize eternity, repentance and human vanity. A skull with a serpent crawling through the eye sockets is understood as a representation of immortality as well as knowledge. But more importantly, the skull itself is seen as a sign of triumph. In times of battle, it is common for Lords to request the head of the person they wish to see dead. The reason for the decapitation of the head is to show solid proof that the person is in fact dead, and it also displays power and superiority while bringing fear to the public.

In ancient times, the skull symbolized great change rather than death or danger. In the present day, skulls have adapted the negative light because the greatest change a person can have in their lifetime is death. But do not let death or other negative resemblances scare you away from getting a skull tattoo as there is a more positive spin on the meaning. Skull tattoos can also be seen as a symbol for protection, strength, and power. Skulls can also be used to represent a time when you overcame a tragedy or obstacle which shows your strength and determination as a person. But above all, the image of a skull makes you look tough.